Workshops and Corporate Training Programs

Matt’s workshops help individuals and teams learn critical skills based on evidence-based insights and real-life practical experiences that help participants navigate the complexity in front of them and build for future success.

Contextual Intelligence Workshop™

The Contextual Intelligence Workshop™ is based on Matt’s award-winning book and teaches participants how to develop Contextual Intelligence to help resolve the frustration of complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity in the workplace and life. This workshop takes a deep dive into the 12 behaviors of contextually intelligent people and introduces the key concepts 3D Thinking and unpacks the three foundational thinking platforms of contextually intelligent people (1. embracing complexity, 2. leveraging synchronicity, and 3. understanding tacit insight).


  • Half-day, full-day, or multiple day event
  • Typically 6-14 hr interactive sessions (customized to clients needs)
  • Small group exercises and breakouts
  • Includes detailed workbook
  • *Scientifically validated Contextual Intelligence Profile™
  • Limited number of signed copies of Matt’s award-winning book, Contextual Intelligence: How Thinking in 3D Can Help Resolve Complexity, Uncertainty and Ambiguity


* additional fee

Relational Literacy DISC Workshop

The relational literacy workshop uses the DISC preferred temperament styles to uncover how to interact with others more effectively. This workshop takes a provocative look into the professional literature around temperament and personality. The workshop explores the critical differences between people and how their relationships are formed and enhanced and what that means for the workplace. This workshop includes a deep dive into the agreement-trust matrix to exploit the full benefits of temperament and cognitive diversity in the workplace and on teams.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding how and why you misinterpret other’s actions and words.
  2. Understanding how and why others misinterpret your actions and words.
  3. Understanding how unique differences can converge to increase team and group effectiveness.
  4. Understand and respect the cognitive diversity and unique values others bring to teams.


  • 3-5 hr interactive session
  • Small group exercises and breakouts
  • Pre-event reading required

High Stakes Decision-Making

The high stakes decision-making workshop is a fun and interactive experience where participants will learn how their assumptions and aspirations influence their thinking and how common logical fallacies and cognitive biases creep into their thinking unawares. Using Dr. Kutz R3 Process™ (Recognize, Reorder, and Respond) and my popular 3D Thinking Framework™ participants will learn how to integrate Hindsight (accurate awareness of the past), Insight (realistic interpretation of the present), and Foresight (clear picture of the future) into their decision-making.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to respond well in new of novel situations.
  2. Develop strategies to help you discern the hidden assumptions people bring to different situations.
  3. Foster a VUCA Flip mindset of Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility.
  4. Make decisions on the most reliable and available insight and not overemphasize past experiences or fantasies about the future.


  • 3 hr interactive session
  • Small group exercises and breakouts
  • Pre-event reading required