Six Keys to Clarity

This keynote is based on my award-winning book and mingled with humorous stories from some of my adventures traveling the globe (from Diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa, Trekking Endangered Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, and Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia) to working as an Athletic Trainer with elite athletes (and trying a few half-marathons and triathlons myself). In this keynote I unpack the science and practical know-how of what it takes to gain clarity in an uncertain and complex world. The key take-a-ways apply to leaders, managers, team members and anyone interested in improvement and performance.

How the Vulcan Death Grip Changes Everything

This keynote was first introduced during my TEDx Talk and based on a hilarious story from my adolescence where my dad used Mr. Spock’s iconic Vulcan Death Grip to teach me a priceless lesson about being aware of my environment and how being aware of it is the only real way to survive in a constantly changing world. Decades later I turned that lesson into a research career, award-winning book, and is the foundation to the principles of Contextual Intelligence that helps leaders, managers, and teams succeed in turbulent contexts! This exciting and interesting keynote is applicable to all audiences and all levels!